Conixus Benelux is working together with a group of companies towards te realisation of the NAGGL projects.



Generali is the main sponsor of the NAGGL mini project and the clinical studies.

More info about Generali can be found here.



Enginia supports Conixus Benelux and the NAGGL project by providing CAD software which is used for the production.

More info about Enginia can be found on their website.


Orionis Walcheren

We collaborate with Orionis Walcheren to assemble our products. The assembly of the product currently takes place within the workspaces of Orionis.


HZ University of applied sciences

Conixus Benelux works together with the HZ University of applied sciences in Vlissingen and Middelburg to introduce students to the NAGGL project. Students get the opportunity to follow an internship within Conixus Benelux with focus on the production of the NAGGL mobility aid. Students get to follow an orientation internship or graduation internship within the company.



Dockwize is a location as an entrepreneur- and innovation hub where companies can be established with an easier entry.