Special NAGGL mini with sensational results.

8 June 2023

One of the special NAGGL devices that have been produced by Conixus has shown sensational results. This NAGGL mini is one of the early prototypes which has been in use by a patient. 

Before using the NAGGL the patient was unable to move and refusing a wheelchair to mobilize herself, the doctor had told her parents that they would be unable to improve their movement for the rest of their lives. At this stage the NAGGL mini was introduced as a medical aid for  physiotherapy, but the standard device looked unattractive which demotivated them to start the participation of the process.

For this reason, a special NAGGL mini was created to resemble a TV character which would help in the aids acceptance to the child and resembles more a toy. During a 9-month period of applying the specific physiotherapy method, the patient gained an increased rate of stability of the body, an increased balance in movements and at the end an increased mobility.  The kids on the childsupport areas were fighting about who was next to use the NAGGL. By using the device, they can walk around more and explore areas outside of their rooms.

By introducing the NAGGL and its therapy during their growth process, the patient can be more active and mobile which helps to strengthen the muscles.. Within Conixus Benelux, we have developed a marketing strategy, together with graphic designers, to produce special NAGGL minis to motivate children during the physiotherapy and increase acceptability with patients. This is one of the major improvements Conixus has started to increase mobility of children with introducing the NAGGL.