Special NAGGL mini at Generali in Aachen.

24 May 2023

Today Chris Schäfer visited Generali in Aachen to showcase a customized version of the NAGGL mini. This special NAGGL mini has been created in the style of the Generali logo. The production of this NAGGL mini was set in motion as part of the partnership that takes place between Conixus Benelux and Generali.

Generali is one of the primary leading insurance groups within the german market, having over 9 million customers. Some of the cases that Generali faces with their large customer base can be improved with the use of the NAGGL products. For that reason Generali looks forward to using the various NAGGL products.

The first products that Generali will be able to put in action are customized NAGGL mini's. These NAGGL mini versions include a specially produced Lion head and wings which have been painted to resemble the Generali logo. Generali would like to sponsor clinical trials at german hospitals to demonstrate the effectivity in the treatment of patients with the NAGGL mobility aid.