NAGGL visits the HZ university of Applied sciences.

14 May 2023

Last Friday the interns, Thomas Appelo and Nimo Driessen, visited the HZ University of applied sciences with a NAGGL mini. The interns get to present the NAGGL product to students and lecturers as part of their project. 

During this day the current interns at Conixus Benelux got the oppertunity to represent the company. Thomas and Nimo presented their workflow within the company and all their results within their internship period. This way more people get to know the NAGGL team which helps with expanding the companies network.

Conixus Benelux coöperates with the HZ University of applied sciences and presents the possbility for interns to work at our company. Our team provides a learning environment for students to join the NAGGL project, which helps expanding their knowledge and skill within their field of research. The NAGGL team currently has two engineering students as part of their team but are always looking to expand. If your study lies within the field of product design or healthcare and you are interested in an internship on the NAGGL project, please contact us!