NAGGL production is progressing at Orionis.

25 April 2023

During the last few weeks the Production team at Orionis Walcheren has started the preproduction 0 series for the Naggl MIni. They have been working hard towards getting the procedures in place to assemble the NAGGL mini. The work areas are divided into multiple spaces where the NAGGL mini is put together. Each of these spaces specializes in a part of the operation which makes the assembly very precise and of high quality. The process starts with the coating of the wooden parts, which follows up with inserting the screws and the clamps . At the end of the production line all NAGGL mini parts are combined to create the final product and packed in special package boxes in a separate area.

With the starting production week in motion, we are proud to present the first NAGGL mini which has been finished at Orionis. We look forward to the next NAGGL's which will be finished with production soon. The first production runs are planned in a separate assembly room at Orionis where all activities can be combined in one Naggl room.

Whilst the production is advancing the NAGGL team also got to work. Simon Kappl visited Vlissingen again to discuss varying topics, one of which is the suppliers of NAGGL parts. With this supplier review the team ensures that each part is suited for the final product.