NAGGL at congress centre Leipzig for "schademanagment und assistance Messekongress.

24 March 2023

This week the NAGGL team had their booth at the Messekongress for schademanagment und assistance. Within the congress centre the NAGGL had their own exhibition where the company showcased the NAGGL mini and Prototypes of the NAGGL adult in cooperation with Camas. During the day visitors were able to strike a conversation with the team to get introduced to the product. The NAGGL adult also made a couple of rounds within the building to gather the attention of visitors.

At the end of the first day the inventor Simon Kappl presented the works of the NAGGL to an audience. With the presentation we were able to intrigue a lot of viewers with the shown topics and success stories. The day was closed off with a diner at the Kongreshalle Leipzig where the team was able to converse together with Camas and Generali.

The second day the team attended presentations which were held in the rooms of the Messekongress. Within these two days we were able to spread the word about the NAGGL and gain more experience. The results of the event were very successful and brings the NAGGL one step forward to its full introduction on the market.

We look forward to attending the Schademanagment und assistance Messekongress again next year!