The Naggl revolution

The Naggl revolution

The Naggl is a product created to improve the independent mobility and thus the quality of life of patients with severe cerebral movement disorders according to the ICF criteria. The physiotherapy method is an active-dynamic approach to the mobilization of these patients


  • Naggl mini

    The Naggl mini is suited for children of ages ranging from 2- to 6-year-olds. The smallest Naggl used as a first introduction to the mobility aid.

  • Naggl Teenie

    The Naggl Teenie is suited for children of ages ranging from 7 years up. An uniquely designed Naggl accompanied by a special handbrake.

  • Naggl adult

    The Naggl adult is suited for older people. The largest Naggl is very modular and adjustable especially for the needs of adults and older people.

  • Naggl Adult professional

    The Naggl adult professional is a special version Naggl suited for clinical use. It can be used to treat multiple people a day whilst being easy to clean after every use.


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